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Discussion in 'Transmission and Drivetrain' started by MPT, Nov 19, 2015.

  1. MPT

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    Nov 11, 2015
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    So what did DSS do to make this set of axles the best option available?
    First, they started with both the inner and outer splines going into the Hub and the Differential. They have been working with Ovaco steel out of Sweden and they came up with a material called Ovaco 300 that has been used by DSS in each and every IRS/CV driven world record breaking car to date (includes Mark Carlyle’s amazing Vette running 6.82 with a 1.1 60ft time and many other cars in the 7's ,8's and 9's also). So each spline is now made from this amazing 300m material (on both the 800HP and the 1400HP versions). Then, they made 4340 billet CV mounts and are using their proven 108mm CV with full 300m Billet Chromoly cages and races (with the 1400HP axles using the larger 30 spline bars). This along with Neo HPCC1 grease and with a higher durometer Neoprene boot, it will handle just about anything you can put to it. They didn’t stop there, the center bars are done with our CNC spline rolling process, which most people "in the know" will tell you that a rolled spline is significantly stronger than one that was done with material cut away because it is actually forging the spline and compressing the micro structure to make it even stronger. So what they have here is a proven design, and if that’s not enough, they also have taken the time to put end caps on the end of the CV housings in case they are ever taken apart (you guys pulling the diff will love this, as the 6 bolts come off and the diff will come out, try this with a stock axle) and the caps have blue RTV inside to ensure a perfect seal. So here you have the best axles on the market for one of the coolest cars to come out of Detroit in a while.

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