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  1. Al Norton

    Al Norton
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    Mar 6, 2020
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    I have 2012 crew cab 4x4 3.5 with over 150k miles and the fuel mileage is crap. Even my highway mileage at 75mph is only 14mpg on cruise control going 60 miles each way to work. I’m looking for tunes or anything that will help me get at least 14 city and 17-18 highway, I feel like it shouldn’t be a hard task in a half ton truck. It does seem to get better mileage at 60mph but I mostly drive major highways
  2. rinzlerdotexe

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    The guy who gives coupon codes.

    Oct 1, 2015
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    Fuel mileage is dictated by things under your control. Your driving style, the fuel you use, modifications done to the vehicle, where you drive, and various other things. No modification is really going to help. I have heard of some people saying an intake helped, but I have not seen anything to prove that. Running 93 fuel with a stock setup, on the highway and going between 45 and 65MPH, being as easy as you can on the throttle is really the best advice anyone can give.
  3. Geek-O-Boost

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    EF Member

    Sep 14, 2018
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    Tuning aside, you'll also want to keep up with the little things. Clean the MAP sensor on top of the manifold, clean the throttle body, make sure your spark plugs are healthy, check your air filter, change your oil frequently, check the tire tread and air pressure, etc. Also, don't accelerate quickly, let off the throttle and let your truck coast to slow down when coming to a light, and slow down on the highway. Anything faster than 75mph and your mileage goes down by default.
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