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  1. 15kingranchf150

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    May 26, 2019
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    I have a 2015 Ford F150 with the 3.5 EcoBoost. I am upgrading to a SCT Livewire tuner with 3 MPT tunes. After watching a number of YouTube videos and reading through various EcoBoost forums, I decided to also upgrade my Blow Off Valve. Yes, I did see that you can easily modify the stocker to make a louder blow off sound however I wanted something that will stand up to the elements longer (not plastic) and handle higher boost.
    I purchased a Turbosmart Supersonic BOV from MPT, I bite the bullet on the $314 price tag. I again watched a few videos on the installation and it seemed pretty straight forward. However, I did run into a slight issue with my installation. The kit provided to me ( part # TS02151 371) as mentioned is for the 15+ 3.5 .EcoBoost Mind you, there are no instructions that come with the product, only a business card refering you to look online for installation instructions. I DID NOT receive the Map sensor spacer adapter that is needed for my 2015 (I didn't exactly know this at first). I contacted Turbosmart to learn that Ford did put some older upper intakes on some of the earlier 2015s. Turbosmart also told me that all of their newer updated kits include this map spacer adapter. They said my kit I received must have been sitting on the shelf for some time, which I emailed MPT about this to have them check their remaining inventory so this doesn't happen to someone else.
    Turbosmart is shipping out the spacer to me, I should receive it hopefully next week. It's definitely an inconvenience since now my truck is tore apart awaiting the correct map sensor spacer.

    So to those who have a 2015 and want or are going to order this Turbosmart Supersonic BOV for their truck, pull off the upper intake cover to reveal if your map sensor is in the middle of the upper intake with 1 bolt holding it down? If so, be sure your kit includes the map sensor spacer and follow the older EcoBoost installation videos online (CJ pony parts and Stage 3 have a few).

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  2. rinzlerdotexe

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    The guy who gives coupon codes.

    Oct 1, 2015
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    Thank you for this information. Very good to have should you wish to change out the BOV to get that cool sound.
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