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  1. 15kingranchf150

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    May 26, 2019
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    I am a newbie when it comes to data logging, using configurations and operating tuners. However, I am slowly learning how to operate and navigate through these obstacles.
    I have a 2015 Ford F150 King Ranch, I purchased an SCT Livewire TS+ from MPT Tuning. I currently have their PrX 93 octane tune installed. I definitely like how this tune woke my truck up but I found myself wondering if this was truly dialed in with my truck.
    I emailed MPT and asked if I needed to refresh the tune ' re-upload' every now and again as I've heard it's possible that the truck feels sluggish after months down the road. MPT debunked this, saying they have no known knowledge of anyone that had this situation happen. However, they did say I am within the 60 day window of having the performance of my truck diagnosed in detail.
    Data logging, yes I've heard of this term before but I've never actually performed this test. MPT does an excellent job in explaining how to perform and set up data logging on their website. They even have answers with FAQ's on each step which was very helpful.
    So touching on my original post topic, I searched other posts about adding additional criteria to my SCT livewire device so I can see analog gauges to monitor. For instance, the SCT device did not have "Knock sensor," I was able to use the (Live Link Gen II) program that MPT recommended I download, to perform this task. Once program is downloaded to your laptop, open the program and look at the top left of the screen and hit "Guide Me".
    Your screen will look like this, click on "I want to create a catalog configuration file."
    Ensure your SCT device is connected to your Laptop with provided cables.
    - once you click that it will ask if the vehicle is available. I did this on my countertop and NOT in the vehicle.
    - verify the vehicle information is correct and hit "select items".
    Configuration screen will load and looks like this:
    You will want to look at the center of the screen and find " Load Configuration" which will open any files you have pre-downloaded either from tuner or their website that has predetermined PID monitoring criteria.
    -You will be prompted, asking if you want to merge the config files, hit "yes".
    All monitoring criteria will now be shown on the left side of screen as shown in picture above.
    - Now you will want to find the "Export DLF/DLX" at the top of screen. This will help export your configuration to your device so you can view various parameters such as the "Knock sensor".
    -Save/rename this configuration before saving it to your SCT device.

    Once this configuration has been downloaded, you should be able to connect the SCT device to your vehicle OBD II port and navigate to your gauges function. Set up your layout via the prompts and then you should be able to hit "configuration" on your device. Find the configuration you just installed "find specific name of file you set" and upload. This should enable you to view a vast amount of new parameters with your gauge layout.

    Here is the current layout on my SCT Livewire TS+
    I hope this helps someone who kind of struggled initially like myself. I am currently waiting on a reply from MPT on my recent data logging files that were sent in for any revisions.


    I have only sent in information on my PrX 93 tune.
    I did a "manual" 3rd gear pull from 2000-6000 rpms, a 0-80mph WOT and a 1-1:30 minutes normal drive 0-60mph.

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