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  1. Dan17Sport

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    Mar 29, 2022
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    Hi all,

    New to the forums here and looking for some general advice / help. My wife and I own a 2017 Ford Explorer Sport 3.5 Ecoboost. We love the car in general but have had a recent slue of issues. Just before Christmas, we had to replace the water pump as it started leaking coolant out of the valley of the block. Took it to the dealership and luckily got it all fixed under the powertrain warranty. Also, got a "fuel system treatment" and tranny flush while it was there (as the dealership suggested) as preventative maintenance. It had nearly 60k miles at the time so I figured it best to do it...

    So, after getting it out of the shop we have a misfire issue going on, where if the engine is under load ramping up speed between 50-60 mph misfires hard enough to send it into limp mode. Not at all what we expected to run into from getting a water pump replaced. Seems the "fuel system treatment" screwed some things up. We finally got this diagnosed and fixed via the same dealership, they replaced plugs and boots. The misfire is gone now, which is great, however, the car just still does not feel itself. It idles a bit rough and still hast almost a stuttery driving experience while under load, however, does not officially misfire or go into limp mode.

    Some background: We bought the car used, so we are not the 1st owners, we do not know its history before about 25k miles, however, it has run fine up until now. I generally fill it with 87 octane, mainly to keep fueling costs down because these cars are NOT very efficient. And this is the worst time ever for fuel costs...The car should run fine on 87 though...

    So... I wonder what is still going on here... I think I can still go in and replace the coils since the dealership didn't do that and maybe run it on 93 octane for the next few fillups? Not sure if the different octane fuel is really worth it though...

    We also fear other longevity items... The transaxle / transmission has always been a bit clunky and I hear these transaxles are NOT serviceable and many have burned up over time. We really don't want to be a statistic of that....


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