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  1. bj928

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    May 27, 2019
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    hi, looked for a section on swaps but can't find one, so as i want to use a raptor ecoboost engine i guess here is the best place of any for tuning info, will be running it in rwd, 10 speed, and i will be looking for the best bang for buck upgrades, although i work in the US most the year, the project is in the UK, i'm building a street sleeper van, been playing with a quad cam, multi valve version of the 2.9 ranger engine for years, but they have lost the edge now as technology has caught up, so seeing as the v6 ecoboost isn't available in the UK, it seemed a good option, i'm building a 2018 twin turbo engine for another project but thats another story, going to buy a complete raptor salvage for the engine, but even salvage they don't go cheap, but if ur going to build something, may as well start with the best and work up, although they seem to be getting good dyno numbers out of the Expedition, and Ford list the engine as 10:1 compression making me wonder if its actually a low power HO engine, not an F150 10.5:1 engine, anyway, i will be asking lots of questions over the coming weeks, if its worked there is a pic attached somewhere on here to show the van thats being made into a sleeper 20190209_163522.jpg

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