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  1. Rooster

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    Oct 9, 2019
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    First post here:

    I've got a 2018 3.5L Ecoboost FX4 with 6" Pro Comp lift and 35" tires.

    I've tried a Diablosport tuner but returned it. The tuner caused the wrench light to come on when uploading the tune with an updated tire size. I flashed a second time and it worked. Changed the tune and the wrench light was back. Customer support told me to go to the dealer etc...etc....That product was returned.

    I'm now looking to use MPT and the nGauge. I've heard nothing but great things on the Gen 1 ecoboost and I'm hoping to hear from those of you that have done the same with the 17-19 trucks. What tune files did you get and how is the truck handling? How is the gas mileage? I'm sure the power is there, but are there any issues with the turbos regarding the increase in boost pressure?

    I also wanted to share this mounting style using a new air vent mount. This looks like a perfect spot for the nGauge in my truck.

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