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  1. Serhii Hlushchenko

    Serhii Hlushchenko
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    Apr 23, 2019
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    Dear All,

    I am the current owner of Ford Edge 2017. Previously it was serviced by one of the Ford dealers in Iowa, USA.

    I asked the dealer to provide me with the service history. They provided me the service history with the last record (complaint from the previous owner) saying:


    The previous owner clarified to me that before bringing the vehicle to the dealer for service, he had noticed the "low oil pressure" warning light flashing up a few times, the level of oil was above the threshold and it smelled gas.

    I double-checked with the dealer what they did to fix this. They informed me that their service department had checked engine oil system, the level of oil and its odour, but everything looked normal. So, the dealer's service team did not take further actions.

    It seems that the deal was not able to duplicate the problem/symptoms which was mentioned by the previous owner. Still, this seems to be (at least potentially) a serious fuel dilution issue that may affect longevity of the engine. For this reason, if the problem happens again, I will probably need to bring the vehicle to my local Ford dealer for service. For this scenario, I will appreciate the answers on the below questions from anyone who can help:

    (i) have you heard of any similar complaints in relation to other Edges of the 2nd generation?

    (ii) have you heard of any solution for this problem/symptoms?

    (iii) do you know any TSBs for such a problem in relation to Edges?

    Any directions from you side on how to better handle this potential problem will be very helpful.

    Many thanks in advance.

    Best regards,


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