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  1. Soap Touch

    Soap Touch
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    Aug 1, 2019
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    Just bought my first “new to me” ecoboost equipped Raptor. 27 days into ownership....... had a terrible thrashing noise at startup. Service dept said needs phaser replacement and is currently in process of being replaced.
    My question is what is typical lifespan of these replacement phasers. Is there something I can do to prolong the life of this new set of phasers? Or is it a ticking time bomb waiting to happen all over again?
  2. Geek-O-Boost

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    EF Member

    Sep 14, 2018
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    Ouch.... That sucks ass! I know the 2011-2014 model Ecoboost had issues with timing chain stretch and cam phasers needed replaced, but I don't hear about it too often on the gen 2. I've also seen the 1st gen motors last over 200k miles without any issues, so it's really tough to say what the lifespan is supposed to be on these things. Hopefully you're not too deep into a hole with this repair!
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