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  1. Geek-O-Boost

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    EF Member

    Sep 14, 2018
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    The only real difference is the physical display. They both come with the same SCT pre-loaded tunes, and can hold 10 custom tunes. There are some limits to adjustable options on the Livewire for 2015+ vehicles, but that is not really relevant when you get into custom tuning.
  2. SHOFx4

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    Apr 11, 2022
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    Porting turbos.
    I used to be deep in the station/conquest cars. Which were 2.6L turbo. We would take the smallish 12a turbos and have the compressor housing machined out for bigger wheels. The 12a could be machined out to a small 16g. After that, the entire turbo would have to be upgraded. Porting turbos is cheaper than upgrading the entire unit. There is a noticeable hp/tq gain. Usually in the upper half of the power band.
    I've looked into many of these eb forums and nobody has mentioned porting the turbo.
    Hope this helps those who want to go with a slightly bigger turbo but not at the cost of 2 new units.

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