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How to Datalog an Ecoboost 1.0

MPT shows us how to gather useful data for our Ecoboost vehicles.

  1. EcoboostAdmin
    *CREDIT TO:*
    Thanks for sharing your datalog instructions, MPT!!!

    Ford Ecoboost Datalogging Instructions:

    First, install the LiveLink software:
    Livelink Gen II

    Please read through these instructions at least once before beginning your log.

    First make sure the vehicle is warm and up to operating temperature. After this is confirmed, you will connect the programmer to the vehicle's OBD2 port and also to the laptop via the USB cable. The vehicle can be ON or OFF, but the key must at leaste be in the ON/Accessory if not started.

    On your laptop, open Livelink and select "I want to datalog a vehicle". Follow along with the on-screen prompts until the PID list is displayed. We need to select and place a checkmark next to the PIDs listed below. ONLY select the PIDs listed below, and do not duplicate any PIDs. Adding too many PIDs to the log will slow the refresh rate and make the log unusable.

    • Ambient air temp F
    • Barometric pressure
    • Engine coolant temp F
    • Fuel rear pressure
    • Gear commanded
    • Intake air temp2 F
    • Knock sensor
    • Lambse bank 1
    • Load (as a fraction)
    • Long term fuel trim bank 1
    • Manifold absolute pressure kPA
    • Measured afr bank 1
    • Rpm
    • Short term fuel trim bank 1
    • Spark advance
    • Throttle angle actual
    • Tip prs boost kpa
    • Tip prs boost kpa dsd (desired)
    • Torque converter desired slip
    • Torque source
    • Tp volts[0]
    • Turbo wastegate percentage
    • Variable valve timing exhaust bank 1
    • Variable valve timing intake bank 1
    • Vehicle speed
    Very important, only select blue PIDs. Press Ok after selecting these. If prompted, select to log in “Rapid Packet Mode.”

    For Types of logs to record

    • If you have something you want changed and we have asked you to capture it in a log. Do exactly that. Make sure it is recorded and include in the email the time stamp on the log that it occurred.
    • For a 3rd gear pull: Find a safe area and manually lock the trans in 3rd gear. Start the pull at around 2000 RPM and push the accelerator pedal completely to the floor holding to redline (6000 RPM)
    • For a Quarter Mile pull: Start from a stop and go full wot, replicating the drag strip quarter mile run.
    To start recording. Press the Green Button and complete one of the above logs.

    After this, let off the gas quickly, and safely pull over to stop the datalog. Press the RED button to stop the log.

    IMPORTANT: During the log keep an eye on coolant temp. Anything above 215 and abort the log, let it cool and try again later.

    Save that log as "YourName_TuneName_VersionNumber".

    Normally, you will email that log over to your tuner for their review. You'll keep saving them like this as you go. For example, if you are working on your 93 Performance Race tune and are on version 3, your log name should be “YourName_93PR_V3”.