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  1. Ford's Jointly Developed 10-Speed Transmission

    Ford and GM Join Forces Despite being direct industry competitors, Ford and GM began drawing up plans for a joint development project in 2013 to build a production 10-speed automatic transmission. This would replace the previous generation 6-speed (and GM's 8-speed) in a variety of vehicles, but primarily rear wheel and all wheel drive trucks and sport utility vehicles with longitudinally mounted engines. Additionally, it would be designed alongside a 9-speed automatic designed for front...
  2. 2019 Ford Ranger Coming to the US

    The 2018 Detroit Auto Show Looms Ahead With the Detroit Auto Show just days away, we can’t help but speculate about one of the more exciting vehicles to us, as Ecoboost enthusiasts: the Ranger. Ford has unveiled the 2019 Ranger page on their website at this point, so we know it’s coming with absolute certainty. Details have been kept well under wraps, but I think we can speculate based on its current iterations in the Australian, European, and other overseas markets. It's impossible to...